• Fremstad Law: “A Different Kind of Law Firm.”

    Fremstad Law has smart lawyers, experience and integrity. At Fremstad Law, we put the focus on you. The law is not one size fits all. While there might be a technically correct answer, does the answer matter if it's too costly, too time consuming or takes you away from what you do best? We want to learn about you and help you make decisions that put you first.

    Fremstad law began out of a frustration with traditional legal practice. Much of law practice is reactionary. The client comes in after the contract is breached, after the accounts receivable have become too large, or after the law suit has been started. When law practice is reactionary it almost always becomes very expensive and all consuming for the client. We ask how can clients be proactive and why aren’t they being proactive? In a way, the answer to both questions is the same. It is because of the perception that legal counsel is very expensive and time consuming. At Fremstad Law, we work with our clients to find solutions for both sides.

  • Your New Favorite (Legal) Team

    People often don't like lawyers, but they usually have a favorite team. Think of us as your legal team! You might come to us with a business dispute, but have a family law problem arise. We can help. You might have had an unfortunate interaction with the police, but also have a growing business. We can help. You might have had a personal injury case, but also need an estate plan. We can help. Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds and even if another attorney in the firm has the expertise, we work as a team and will make sure that relationships are created so that you can feel like you are the coach of your favorite legal team.

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