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Our Mission

At Fremstad Law, our mission is to move our clients forward. To do this, we’re transforming the client experience. This unique approach is based on our core values and helps us to ensure your needs are being met.

Fremstad Law began out of a frustration with traditional legal practice and, believe it or not, often unreasonable or unrealistic client expectations. Much of law practice is reactionary. The client comes in after the contract is breached, after the divorce is imminent, after accusations of wrong doing or after the law suit has been started and expects the lawyer to fix it. That’s how it works on TV isn’t it?  The truth is, sometimes we can’t fix it or win it.  When law practice is reactionary it almost always becomes very expensive and all consuming for the client. We often tell clients that sometimes even if you “win,” you aren’t going to like it, or us. As such, we want to think differently.  As our mission states, our goal is to move you forward. This may mean settling a case, taking a plea bargain, or stipulating to a divorce and custody. In other words, we define winning by taking the long view, not the short view, or perhaps by winning the war, not the battle.


We start from a place of respect for each person we meet. Whether they sit beside us as clients or across the table from us with opposing counsel, we listen carefully and seek to understand and be compassionate. To be help our clients move forward, they need to know we listen, we care, we are true to our word, and they can trust us.


When emotions run high, as they often do when conflicts turn into legal issues, it can be challenging to make decisions that move a person forward. We bring both the knowledge of the law and the experience of what the consequences of different choices are likely to be. We know when pushing is more harmful than settling. We will be direct and specific in our advice and we may challenge and push back on what you say you want, because our goal is to move you forward.


It is more than knowing someone will tell you the truth, although you know they will. It is more than knowing that they care about you as a person, although you know they do. It is more than knowing that they are experts in their field, although you know they are. Trust is all this and more. Trust is earned through each interaction you have with us and the only way we can help you move forward.


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