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James Teigland

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Raised in Moorhead, James attended Minnesota State University Moorhead where he studied Economics until he graduated in 2010. James attended William Mitchell College of Law from 2010-2013, and is now admitted to practice in Minnesota and North Dakota.

While attending law school, James volunteered as a Law Clerk at the Council on Crime and Justice, clerked for Judge John P. Smith (currently with the Minnesota Court of Appeals), Externed at Merrill Corporation, and was a Legal Assistant at the Sortland Law Office.

After law school James started his own firm before merging with the Fremstad Law Firm where his practice is primarily in the areas of collections, partnership disputes, business disputes, commercial disputes, personal injury, real estate disputes and other civil matters.


  • Member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, State Bar of North Dakota, and American Bar Association.
  • Co-Chair of the State Bar Association of North Dakota, Young Lawyers Service Committee.

Representative Cases

Apple v. Cal Kern, Cass County ND District Court

Practice Area: Debt collection
Outcome: Judgment for Plaintiff
Description: After a two-day bench trial, James acquired a $61,737.77 judgment against an oil-patch contractor on behalf of a sub-contractor. The judgment was for $40,488.97 in principal and included $21,248.80 in interest. The judge awarded 18% interest on the principal. The claim was for un-paid electrical work by a sub-contractor. The contractor-defendant claimed they were over billed, and made counterclaims for fraud, negligent performance of work, breach of warranty, and unlawfully removing parts (conversion). The contractor-defendant admitted to owing some money but believed it was about $10,000 and no interest should be awarded. At the end of the trial, the Court ruled from the bench by awarding Teigland’s client $61,737.77 and dismissed the contractor-defendant’s claims.

K.H. v. B.B., Cass County ND District Court

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes
Outcome: Dismissal for Respondent.
Description: Represented respondent in a contested Disorderly Conduct Restraining Order matter. Petitioner claimed Teigland’s client was following her and threatening her. Matter was originally scheduled for a four hour evidentiary hearing. At the close of Petitioner’s case-in-chief, Teigland move for dismissal of the case for failure to provide sufficient evidence of disorderly conduct. Judge granted oral motion from the bench.

L.S. v. L.L, Clay County MN District Court

Practice Area: Real estate
Outcome: Settled
Description: L.S. purchased home for L.L. in the early ’90s. L.S. and L.L. were co-tenants (50/50 ownership) in the home. Home was abandoned, left vacant, and in dilapidated condition. In 2013, L.S. attempted to sell home but L.L. refused. Teigland represented L.S. in claim against L.L. to force a sale of the home and seek a fair division of sale proceeds. Case settled with L.S. obtaining approximately 90% of the net-sale proceeds of the home.

Midland v. Magnum, Cass County ND District Court

Practice Area: Debt collection
Outcome: Default judgment satisfied by voluntary payment.
Description: Teigland represented Midland in collections matter when Magnum failed to pay for industrial garage door parts. Teigland obtained a default judgment against Magnum. Magnum voluntarily paid the Midland judgment after Teigland located a vehicle owned by Magnum and Teigland had the Sheriff seize the vehicle for sale at auction.

J.R. v. D.R., Williams County ND District Court

Practice Area: Debt collection
Outcome: Dismissed on Summary Judgment
Description: D.R. was the owner and general contractor of substantial housing development in Williams County ND. J.R. was an employee for one of D.R.’s subcontractors. Subcontractor failed to pay J.R. his wages. J.R. filed a lien against the property and sued D.R. to enforce the lien and seek payment of his wages. Teigland, on behalf of D.R., denied D.R. owed any money to J.R. and made a motion for summary judgment arguing J.R. did not have standing to file a lien. Judge agreed with Teigland’s argument, dismissed J.R.’s claim, voided the lien, and awarded D.R. his attorney’s fees.

Things You May Be Interested In Knowing About James

  • Started his own law firm out of law school before being acquired by the Fremstad Law Firm.
  • His first trial was a murder trial that resulted in a hung jury.
  • Is learning to play golf.
  • Skipped a day of school to see Star Wars Episode III on opening day.
  • Enjoys biking in the winter.
  • Has been reading War and Peace for the past four years. He looks forward to finishing it so he can replace it with a book he actually enjoys.
  • Enjoys watching basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and baseball on TV, in that order. Enjoys watching baseball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey in person, in that order.
  • James has two nephews and six nieces.
  • James calls Joel “Big Chicken.” Joel calls James “Sandwich.”
  • James is an award winning soup maker.