A Guide to Adverse Possession

Disputes between neighbors may seem inevitable. But in North Dakota and Minnesota, boundary disputes have turned ugly as landowners accuse the government of moving boundary line markers, and property owners are being charged thousands of dollars to c… [Read More...]

How a Lawyer Can Help with Real Estate Contract Negotiation

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How to Resolve Property Line Disputes

While many property line disputes with neighbors can be easily resolved, some can turn ugly. Here we offer tips to minimize the potential for litigation and resolve property line disputes amicably, but It is often wise to seek legal help to discuss y… [Read More...]

Contract for Deeds

If you want to purchase real estate but cannot secure financing through a bank, you may consider a contract for deed, also known as an installment land contract. But before using a land contract to buy or sell real estate, you must understand that th… [Read More...]

Eminent Domain Law in North Dakota

When the government wants to acquire private property to facilitate a project that will benefit the community as a whole, it has the power to take private land through eminent domain. But when a landowner refuses to sell or disagrees with the governm… [Read More...]

How to Make a North Dakota Construction Lien Claim

A construction lien is a public declaration that someone hasn’t paid you for work you performed. A properly filed North Dakota construction lien gives you a right over someone else’s property as security for a debt that person owes you. A constru… [Read More...]

Attorney James Teigland Prevails in Eminent Domain Lawsuit

Attorney James Teigland recently prevailed in a western North Dakota eminent domain lawsuit on behalf of two landowners. After a three day jury trial, the jury awarded Teigland’s clients an additional $399,640.00 in additional compensation for the… [Read More...]

Attorney Teigland Successfully Settles Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

  Attorney James Teigland recently settled a North Dakota legal malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a plaintiff. The plaintiff hired a North Dakota attorney to represent them in their divorce. The attorney made a mistake by not preparing a qualifie… [Read More...]