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Top Five Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce (or Your Spouse Does)

Filing for divorce is a life-altering event. You may have taken months, or even years, to make the decision to file. Or you may have been blindsided by a spouse presenting you with divorce papers. No matter what your circumstances, there are a few th… [Read More...]

Disputes Among Business Owners (Types of Business Owner Disputes)

Business disputes can arise in any business, large or small. But owner disputes are perhaps most common in small, closely held entities. Often business owners agreed to go into business together but, due to different management approaches or visions… [Read More...]

Got a Criminal Record?  New North Dakota Legislation May Allow You to Seal Them

While representing criminal defendants, some of the most common questions I get is, “How is this going to show up on my record?”, “How can I get this off of my record?”, or “How long will this be on my record?”  Up until recently, those… [Read More...]

Felony DUI in North Dakota

In North Dakota, if you are charged with your fourth DUI in 15 years you face a Class C felony. Punishments for a Class C felony are harsh, and include a minimum of one year and one day in prison. [Read More...]

Default Divorce in North Dakota and Minnesota

You can’t get married without the participation of your intended spouse, but in North Dakota and Minnesota, you can get divorced without it. In other words, you cannot prevent your spouse from divorcing you (and your spouse cannot avoid divorce) by… [Read More...]

Marijuana DUI in North Dakota

Since California first legalized medical marijuana in 1996, the legalization of marijuana has remained a hot topic throughout the United States. [Read More...]

Small Business Week

On behalf of Fremstad Law, we want to wish those of you who have taken the dive, happy National Small Business Week! Fremstad Law is proud to support small business and their owners with business, real estate, family, and other types of legal advi… [Read More...]

Top Five Post-Judgment Property Issues in North Dakota

The ink is finally dry on your divorce decree, after months of trying to reach agreement about the important terms of your divorce, and perhaps a trial. Now everything is done, and you can relax, right? Almost.  First, you have to take care of a few… [Read More...]

How to Make a North Dakota Construction Lien Claim

A construction lien is a public declaration that someone hasn’t paid you for work you performed. A properly filed North Dakota construction lien gives you a right over someone else’s property as security for a debt that person owes you. A constru… [Read More...]

Internet Child Pornography - What You Need to Know

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. With a few keystrokes and the click of a button, you can access previously-unheard of amounts of information. Using a cell phone, you can send a picture to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. [Read More...]