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Third-Party Custody and Guardianship in North Dakota

Most of the time, it is in the best interests of children to be cared for by their own parents. Sometimes, unfortunately, that is not possible. When there is not a parent available to take care of a child, a third party, often a grandparent, may need… [Read More...]

“Alexa, what was the Most Expensive Divorce in History?”

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch reportedly paid his second wife, Anna Maria Torv, a property settlement worth $1.7 billion. In the late 1990’s, New York socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, known for her plastic surgery that made the tabloid press dub h… [Read More...]

Raising Self-Defense Claims in North Dakota

Over the weekend, my boys and I watched one of my father’s favorite movies, Roadhouse, with Patrick Swayze.  In the movie, there’s this scene where Swayze, the “cooler,” notices a bad guy with a knife blade on his boot.  He knew the bad guy… [Read More...]

Fremstad Law Defends People Facing North Dakota Sexual Assault Charges

Being charged with North Dakota sexual assault can be devastating. People facing sexual assault charges are understandably concerned about the criminal penalties they could be facing. But allegations of sexual assault are unique in that the mere alle… [Read More...]

How is Military Retired Pay Divided in a Divorce?

In divorces in which one or both spouses is a military  member, a significant asset often at issue is the pension, also referred to as military retired pay. How is military retired pay divided in a divorce? Unlike most marital assets and debts gover… [Read More...]

Probation Revocation Proceedings in North Dakota

In North Dakota, most offenders who are convicted of a crime end up on some sort of probation as part of their sentence.  Probation is a way for the Court to reserve jurisdiction to make sure a person follows certain rules for a designated time.  T… [Read More...]

What If I Cannot Afford An Attorney? Are There Ways to Finance Legal Fees?

At Fremstad Law we work hard to provide cost-effective legal services.  The reality is, however, that the legal process and especially litigation, whether it be criminal, family law, civil, or commercial, can be very expensive.  As such, Fremstad… [Read More...]

Should a Trust Be Part of Your North Dakota Estate Plan?

A trust is a complex estate planning tool that an experienced North Dakota estate planning lawyer might recommend as a part of your estate plan. Similar to a Will, a trust transfers assets to your beneficiaries. A trust, however, gives you additional… [Read More...]

I Want to Appeal My Criminal Case. What Happens Next?

As a criminal defense attorney, I often get questions about how to appeal a criminal case.  Often, I field questions about what happens in an appeal.  How can I show the Supreme Court the evidence I couldn’t or didn’t present at the trial cour… [Read More...]

Why Should I Have An Attorney Review My RFP?

Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) are a great way to gain business, visibility and compete in an otherwise crowded marketplace.  RFPs are invitations for vendors to submit bids, along with a proposal, which usually includes an overview of the busi… [Read More...]