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Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With in North Dakota?

When North Dakota courts must decide parental rights and responsibilities in a divorce, they must consider a number of factors relating to the best interests and welfare of the child. Among these factors is “the preference of a mature child.… [Read More...]

How the New Tax Law Affects Spousal Support

In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), enacting sweeping changes to the Tax Code. These changes affect businesses and individuals on many levels, one of which is the tax treatment of spousal support (commonly referred to as alimon… [Read More...]

We Can Help

As we get ready for summer to come to an end, that means among other things cleaning out the garage.  The same is also true of other aspects of our life and we at Fremstad Law encourage you to use some of this time to review and plan for the future.… [Read More...]

Business Succession Planning - How to Transfer Ownership of Your Business

As a business owner, you’re busy. Every day you’re worried about cash flow, keeping your customers happy, and managing your employees. In the rare moment that you have “free time,” the last thing on your mind is planning to one day hand the b… [Read More...]

Contract for Deeds

Contract for deeds can be an excellent method for someone to purchase real estate that may not otherwise be able to purchase real estate by financing through a bank. However, contract for deed sales are much less regulated and buyers are more likely… [Read More...]

Myths Regarding Property Division and Spousal Support in North Dakota Divorces

Different states have different ways of dealing with disposing of marital assets and debts in the event of a divorce. North Dakota is an “equitable division” state. Knowing how property will be divided in a divorce is only part of the equat… [Read More...]

Presidential Reprieves and Pardons

The events of the last week relating to the guilty pleas of Michael Cohen to eight felonies including violations of federal campaign finance law and a guilty verdict on eight felony counts against former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort raise the s… [Read More...]

Fremstad Attorneys Top Rated by Super Lawyers 2018

Fremstad Law is pleased to announce that Joel Fremstad, Nick Thornton and James Teigland have earned top ratings from Super Lawyers, the Thomson Reuters lawyer rating service. Joel Fremstad, owner and principal of Fremstad Law was named 2018 Super La… [Read More...]

Factors in North Dakota Child Custody

Divorce or separation from a partner is never easy, particularly when children are involved. One of the most stressful and contentious aspects of a divorce is often making a child custody determination. Even when parents have generally agreed on chil… [Read More...]

​What Every Landlord Should Know About Residential Lease Agreements

If you own and lease residential real estate in North Dakota, you need to know and comply with complex state and federal laws. Working with an experienced North Dakota real estate lawyer can help. As a landlord, you can and should require that yo… [Read More...]