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How to Protect Your Business from Divorce

If you’re an entrepreneur, you worked hard to establish your business and you’re probably very protective of it. Rightfully so—you invested your time and money into seeing your business succeed. Unless you built your business with your spouse,… [Read More...]

Why Long-Term Marriages End in Divorce

It  often comes as a shock when people find themselves facing divorce at any age or life stage.  Because divorce is sometimes more commonly seen as something happening primarily to younger people, couples divorcing later in life after a long-term m… [Read More...]

Filing for Divorce in Minnesota

Deciding  to file for divorce is a big step.  Putting that decision into action can be intimidating. Even with the  help of an experienced attorney in a Minnesota divorce, it is important to understand the steps of the process. Divorce can be over… [Read More...]

Parenting Time in Minnesota

When you are accustomed to sharing a home with your child, you don’t typically think about how and when you will spend time with them. You are there to make breakfast, do school drop-off and pick-up, help with homework, and tuck them into bed. When… [Read More...]

Guide to North Dakota Spousal Support Laws

If you are considering divorce, you may also be thinking about how spousal support (also commonly known as alimony) comes into play. If you earn more money than your spouse, you might be worried about having to pay. If you earn less than your spouse,… [Read More...]

Common Questions About Divorce Settlement Agreements

A common misconception about divorce is that at the end of an adversarial divorce trial, a judge issues an order and decree, setting forth the terms of your divorce. In reality, you probably won’t have a trial at all. The vast majority of divorces,… [Read More...]

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

It is often said that no two marriages are alike, and the same is true of divorces. When you think of divorce, you probably think of a courtroom, or a trial with witnesses. That can be intimidating. Divorce mediation, however, is an alternative way t… [Read More...]

Co-Parenting and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Parenting in two different households is challenging  under the best of circumstances. But when a pandemic is sweeping the globe, and people are being urged to stay home, social distance, and shelter in place, the challenges increase. What does it m… [Read More...]

Can You Still Pay Alimony and Save on Taxes?

For decades, alimony, also known as spousal support, was taxable as income to the recipient, and deductible to the person paying. That makes a certain amount of instinctive sense: the spousal support recipient gets the benefit of the money, so why sh… [Read More...]

What is Marital Property (and How Can a Prenup Change That)?

Property division is a part of most typical divorces in North Dakota.  But what exactly gets divided? And how? The answer is simple – “marital property” gets divided “equitably”. The answer as to how “marital property” and “equit… [Read More...]