Fremstad Law Expands Family Law Practice--Lesley Foss Joins Firm

The Fremstad Law Firm is pleased to announce that Lesley Foss has joined the firm. Lesley’s law practice will focus primarily on Family Law, representing clients at all stages of proceedings, including divorce/marital termination, parenting time/custody disputes and agreements, paternity, child support, adoption, grandparent visitation, parental rights, and guardianship. Lesley’s addition to the firm will allow Fremstad Law to offer an expanded range of family law related legal services to clients.

Prior to joining Fremstad Law Firm, Lesley represented the State of North Dakota at the Fargo Regional Child Support Unit. She was responsible for all types of paternity, child support, and medical support legal actions, including reviewing existing child support obligations, and, when appropriate, taking steps to modify existing orders and judgments. Through her work with the Child Support Unit and her previous experience in private practice in family law, Lesley gained extensive knowledge of residential responsibility (custody) and parenting time (visitation) issues, concerns, and procedures. Lesley also has courtroom experience in family law-related cases through her work at the child support unit.

As an advocate for clients in private legal practice, representing a third party in family law cases (the State), or as a neutral party as a law clerk to a trial court judge, Lesley is able to analyze a client’s problem and case from multiple points of view, thoroughly advise her clients of their options, rights and responsibilities, and plan a course of action that will best protect and defend the client. Lesley may be reached at (701) 478-7620 or by e-mail at