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Fremstad Law Obtains Dismissal of Employee Whistleblower Claim

Sometimes it is simply necessary to terminate an employee who is not working out.  When possible, employers should do their best to document the employee's issues and the employer's efforts.  Even then, however, an employee may make a claim that they were wrongfully terminated.  Before termination it may be helpful to work with an attorney to discuss whether there is any reason the employee should not be terminated and whether an employee may have potential claims.  In some cases, it may make sense to negotiate a departure with the employee.  In other case, it may simply be about documenting in the event a claim is made.  Recently, Fremstad Law Attorney Joel Fremstad obtained a federal court dismissal of an employee who claimed she had been terminated for allegedly blowing the whistle on the employer.  Fremstad Law has also worked with employers who have faced sexual harassment, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and other claims.  If you have questions regarding your employees, whether hiring, reviewing, termination, or otherwise, please contact Joel Fremstad or Leslie Thielen.