Just Got a Letter from my Internet Provider saying I Illegally Downloaded Copyrighted Materials!

Some lawyers have found a new way to make money--prey on people of being exposed for allegedly downloading copyrighted materials, especially allegedly pornographic movies.  At Fremstad Law, we certainly do not condone any copyright violations.  That said, often the allegations are without merit and simply an attempt to extort a settlement.  It may be that a neighbor was using your wireless access or that it was some other unauthorized use.  The basic gist of events is that you will get a notice from your internet provider saying your internet "IP" address is associated with the download of a movie or some other type of file that is allegedly copyrighted.  You may also get a letter from an attorney representing the copyright owner seeking to settle with you.  Before you take any actions, please call Joel Fremstad at the Fremstad Law Firm.  We can quickly and cost effectively review your situation and advise you on how and or whether to respond or take any actions.