New Landlord/Tenant Provisions in Minnesota for 2024

Apartment for rent sign displayed on residential street.

In 2024, Minnesota introduced new landlord/tenant provisions, effective from January 1st, impacting various aspects of rental agreements. Notable changes include a mandatory 14-day written notice for nonpayment of rent before eviction proceedings, disclosure requirements for all non-optional fees in lease agreements, a prohibition on landlords requiring pet declawing or devocalization, and the right for tenants to request move-in and move-out inspections. Other provisions address limitations on crime-related lease terminations, the impact of recreational cannabis legalization on landlord-tenant relations, and the right to counsel for public housing tenants facing eviction. Additionally, there are new requirements for minimum heat levels, advance notice for landlord entry into tenant residences, and expanded emergency repair criteria for habitability, such as non-working refrigerators and serious infestations. These changes aim to enhance transparency, tenant rights, and overall property management practices in Minnesota.

Read a full summary of these provisions here.