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Business Law

Business Law Fremstad Law started with a focus on helping businesses and their owners. Our mission is moving people forward, and this is especially true in business. We try to have strong relationships with our business clients and love to actually get to our clients’ business locations and truly understand what they do. We also work with experienced third parties such as accountants, bankers, and business executives who assist us in ensuring that we are making not only the right legal decisions for your b… Learn more about Business Law
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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Lawsuits are frequently discussed in the news and people often hear of threats to sue. Generally speaking, a lawsuit is a tool to resolve a legal dispute with one or more persons, companies, or government entities. Lawsuits can be expensive, time consuming, and slow or they can be fast and relatively inexpensive. Learn more about Civil Litigation
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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and Family Law Fremstad Law Family Law attorney Lesley Foss provides clients with full-service family law representation. “Family Law” consists of the areas of law involving children and parents, married couples, or other persons with a domestic connection. Family Law encompasses divorce/marital dissolution, parental rights and responsibilities, residential responsibility (physical custody), parenting time (visitation), child support, and paternity. Learn more about Divorce and Family Law
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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Being charged with committing a crime is a scary and stressful experience, not only for the accused, but also for the person’s family and friends. Criminal defense lawyers, especially very good ones, not only represent clients in court but also try to reduce that fear and stress as much as possible. Knowing that our criminal defense clients and their families are often scared and unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, our first meetings with a client are usually designed to gather inform… Learn more about Criminal Defense
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Real Estate

Real Estate Our founder Joel Fremstad was General Counsel for a real estate development company and is still involved in ownership of commercial properties. We have been involved with all aspects of real estate transactions and look forward to assisting you. Learn more about Real Estate

Personal Injury

No one wants to sustain a personal injury. We rightfully assume that people around us will act with reasonable care. But when people act in a way that is careless or reckless, they put others at risk of harm. If you or someone you love sustained a personal injury, you need a personal injury lawyer on your side who will advocate for your rights and fight for the compensation you and your family deserve.  Based in Fargo, North Dakota, the lawyers at Fremstad Law handle a wide variety of personal… Learn more about Personal Injury


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Nov 2021
If you are starting a business, you will need to consider the best business structure for your new venture. The business structure you choose will have a significant influence on your business, including day-to-day operations, taxes, and the extent t… Read More
Nov 2021
Most divorces involve the division of marital assets and debts. However, the value of these assets must be determined before they can be divided. For some assets, such as a bank account, valuation is simple. The value is the account balance on a cert… Read More

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