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Fremstad Law started with a focus on helping businesses and their owners. Our mission is moving people forward, and this is especially true in business. Our business law attorneys build strong relationships with our business clients and love to actually get to our clients’ business locations to truly understand what they do. We also work with experienced third parties such as accountants, bankers, and business executives who assist us in ensuring that we are making not only the right legal decisions for your business, but also the best business decisions. 

Below are some of the business law services we offer, but if you don’t see something, call and ask as we have almost certainly seen and done it.


Many businesses have their own In-House General Counsel. This is a great option for those businesses that have the volume of work and can handle the substantial financial obligation. For most businesses, even many larger businesses, this is simply neither necessary nor practical. At Fremstad Law we seek to offer those same In-House General Counsel options through our Fremstad On Demand: Outside General Counsel services.  


Fremstad Law has provided assistance with the formation of many new businesses from Corporations, to Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships, and in industries ranging from real estate to service providers and restaurants. While we can work on a flat fee basis we prefer to avoid this. We take the time to get to know what you need and find our hourly rates will often be more cost effective than the flat fees being offered by others. Moreover, because our goal is to work with you and your company as it grows, we know that if you don’t feel we treated you fair at the time of formation, you aren’t going to stay with us.


From pre-hiring to termination, Fremstad law offers a variety of services including employee handbook reviews and preparation of employment and separation agreements. We’ll also be there when you need us for those “quick questions” which are sure to arise. Whether it’s questions about overtime laws, reasonable accommodations, or personnel polices, we can help.


Fremstad Law can guide you through both buying and selling a business, including asset or stock transactions. Like everything we do, we evaluate the type and size of the transaction, the nature of the business, and the parties involved to determine whether it can be kept to a few simple pages or whether more is involved. Perhaps more importantly, we work to be deal makers, not deal breakers. While we aim to protect you, we also make sure we know what risks you’re willing and or able to take, and act accordingly as opposed to simply giving you a massive impenetrable document that neither side will ever completely understand or review. 


Every time we think we’ve seen it all, we learn we haven’t. If we can add value anywhere, often it is with contracts. Contracts come in many forms, such as contractor agreements, purchase orders, master service agreements, leases, employment and separation agreements, web site terms and conditions and more. If you have contracts, we’d like to review them. If you don’t, we encourage you to let us help you write them. When we review contracts we do two main things: 1) make sure you understand everything in it, and 2) make sure there are not hidden traps. Oftentimes, even a 50 page contract can really be reduced to a couple of key items. We can help to ensure you’re getting the benefits of your contracts. Do you have attorney fee provisions in your contracts if they’re breached or interest and late charge provisions in the event of late payment? We’ll work with you to brainstorm what you need, and in some cases, what you don’t need in your contracts.


We can help not only with legal action to collect what is owed to you, but can also assist in reviewing your receivables process. We’ll work closely with your sales, accounting, and billing personnel and when appropriate, third party accountants and collection agencies, to review processes and documentation to ensure risks are properly assessed and the necessary tools are in place.


Our goal is to prevent litigation. It’s costly and time consuming. That said, sometimes it can’t be avoided. Fremstad Law business law attorneys have represented clients in all manner of business litigation from breaches of contract, to partnership disputes, to intellectual property infringement. When our clients are considering a suit, we spend time discussing options which may include simply walking away and moving on, or aggressively pursuing litigation in state or federal court or through mediation or arbitration. When we do sue, our goal will be to get you the quickest resolution possible.

Fremstad On Demand

Fremstad On Demand

Fremstad On Demand As business owners know, companies of every size face decisions every day, from employees, to suppliers, to vendors, to competitors and beyond, all of which raise legal issues and the possibility of litigation. As a result, every business really needs legal guidance, but most businesses don’t have the need or resources for a full-time in-house legal department, which means they have to decide whether to turn to outside general counsel.  While large companies can afford to pay the salary of a… Learn more about Fremstad On Demand