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As we get ready for summer to come to an end, that means among other things cleaning out the garage.  The same is also true of other aspects of our life and we at Fremstad Law encourage you to use some of this time to review and plan for the future.

For those of you who are business owners, when was the last time you had your critical contracts or employee handbooks reviewed? 

For those of you who might be looking to buy or sell real estate or a business, do you have a trusted set of advisors?

For all of us, do you have a current set of estate planning documents, to include a will, power of attorney, and health care directive?

For those facing challenges when in the form of potential civil or criminal litigation or needing advice on questions from prenuptials, to divorce, child support or custody, do you need help navigating the process?

We can help.  Whether you have worked with us in the past or need to start a new relationship, our attorneys practice in nearly every of the law, and look forward to speaking with you. We can be reached at 701-478-7620.


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