What If I Cannot Afford An Attorney? Are There Ways to Finance Legal Fees?

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At Fremstad Law we work hard to provide cost-effective legal services.  The reality is, however, that the legal process and especially litigation, whether it be criminal, family law, civil, or commercial, can be very expensive.  As such, Fremstad Law, like most other law firms, often requires an up front payment, called a retainer, and then will also require that our clients keep up with any subsequent billings.  

The question then becomes what if you are not in a position to pay an up front retainer or otherwise pay for fees from available savings?  There are some different options.  
Credit Card
Fremstad Law does accept credit card payments.  However, if you choose to use credit, you should consider the cost of fees and interest and make a careful decision as to the importance of hiring an attorney for your legal matter.
Third Party Assistance
It is not uncommon for us to have clients that will have a third party, such as a relative or employer, assist with paying for their legal fees.  In such circumstances, there are certain ethical issues that may need to be addressed.  By way of example, the third person is not our client and as such there is no attorney client privilege between Fremstad Law and the third party payer.  The third party payer also needs to understand and agree that they will not have any right or ability to make decisions relating to our representation.  
Legal Fee Financing
Another option may be to obtain a loan from a third party such as a bank.  In addition to traditional bank loans, we have seen an increase in private lenders that specialize in providing loans for legal services.  Here is a link that discusses legal fee lending:
Because legal fee lending services are provided by third parties we do not provide any recommendations or guidance as to whether you should consider such an option or which providers might be best for you.  If, however, you are intending to use legal fee financing, we do ask that you let us know.
Hiring an attorney can be one of the most significant decisions you have to make.  How to pay for your attorney is just one factor.  If you have questions regarding legal representation please let us hear from you.