Construction Law

Construction law encompasses aspects of business law, property law, contract law, and tort law, making it essential for attorneys to have a breadth of legal knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of the challenges of the industry. 

The Fremstad Law team has extensive experience in all aspects of  North Dakota construction law. We have represented contractors, subcontractors, developers, engineers, architects, suppliers, and property owners in a wide range of construction law matters. We take pride in developing long-term working relationships with our clients so that we can understand their business goals and protect them from legal pitfalls on the way to achieving them. 

Construction disputes can be time-consuming, costly, and distract from the effective operation of a business. Our preference is to prevent unnecessary construction law disputes through careful negotiation, drafting, and review of contracts and agreements. We believe that taking the time to clearly establish rights and responsibilities up front minimizes the risk of conflict and confusion later. However, we recognize that some disputes are unavoidable. We are well-prepared to pursue or defend our clients’ interests in litigation or through alternative dispute resolution channels such as arbitration or mediation. 

Among the many areas of North Dakota construction law with which we assist our clients are: 


Construction businesses and related professionals deserve to be paid for their work. Unfortunately, everyone in the construction or design field has dealt with customers who received a product or service without complaint or even with enthusiasm, and then failed to make a promised payment. Fremstad Law represents clients in the development of collections policies and practices to minimize the risk of nonpayment. Our attorneys are also experienced in collections litigation, helping to secure payments quickly so that your business can continue to move forward. 

Contractor Disputes

Even a relatively straightforward construction project has many moving parts, and may have multiple contractors and subcontractors providing services. Unfortunately, disputes between contractors and subcontractors, or contractors and property owners, are common. Fremstad Law represents clients in a broad spectrum of disputed matters, including those involving breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation or fraud, delay or abandonment of work, scope of work, defective workmanship, and insurance issues.


Construction liens and mechanics’ liens  are an effective tool for ensuring that contractors, subcontractors, and materials suppliers receive the payment they are due for work performed or materials provided. Liens have the advantage of being easy to use, but a lien that does not meet strict requirements can end up costing a contractor money. North Dakota construction lien law can be difficult to navigate. Our experienced construction law attorneys will ensure that your liens comply with North Dakota construction lien law and are effective in securing payment for your work.  We also represent clients in litigated construction lien disputes, including those regarding the validity or accuracy of construction liens.

Construction Defects

Allegations of construction defects are among the most common sources of construction litigation. The North Dakota construction law attorneys of Fremstad Law represent clients in disputes regarding all types of commercial and residential construction defects. Construction defect cases may involve a wide range of issues, including structural failures, code violations, soil and foundation issues, mold intrusion, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, windows, roofing, and other building components. Not only are we familiar with the issues that can arise in construction defect cases, we have access to some of the most respected experts in the industry, whose testimony can often be the deciding factor in a litigated dispute. 

Construction Law Attorneys in Fargo, ND

At Fremstad Law, we consider construction law issues in the context of the real people  and businesses they affect. Our goal, always, is to advance our clients’ goals as quickly as possible while minimizing disruption to their lives and operations. Whenever possible, we take action to limit the number and scope of disputes. When a dispute does arise, we help our clients explore their options for resolving it, whether through mediation, arbitration, litigation, or other means. If litigation is necessary, we take swift, decisive action in order to get you the best resolution in the briefest possible time frame, so that you can move forward. 

To learn more about our North Dakota construction law services, we invite you to contact Fremstad Law to schedule a consultation.