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North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance Rates and Credits

Given the tight economy, it appears that "workers compensation" rates will likely continue to rise. If you haven't already done so, however, there are opportunities to reduce your rates through North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI). WSI has several programs including two newer programs that employers can participate in. These programs offer employers the flexibility to choose which programs will be most beneficial for them. WSI's Safety Management Program (SMP) is designed to assist employers in developing or improving current safety management systems. A WSI Safety Consultant will conduct an assessment based on the SMP requirements and develop plans to assist employers in making improvements. Employers who successfully participate in WSI’s new Safety Management Program can receive a premium discount of 10%. WSI's Safety Action Menu program is designed to provide employers with options to implement safety improvement programs. The employer has the option choosing the programs that will be most beneficial. Employers can receive a 15% premium discount by choosing to participate in a variety of (SAM) items that can each provide a 5% discount up to a maximum of 15%. WSI encourages employers to enroll in both the Safety Management Program and Safety Action Menu as both discounts of each program can be combined in the same premium period for a maximum discount of 25%. If you would like more information or would like assistance with setting up policies or programs please contact us.