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As we get ready for summer to come to an end, that means among other things cleaning out the garage.  The same is also true of other aspects of our life and we at Fremstad Law encourage you to use some of this time to review and plan for the future.… [Read More...]

Contract for Deeds

Contract for deeds can be an excellent method for someone to purchase real estate that may not otherwise be able to purchase real estate by financing through a bank. However, contract for deed sales are much less regulated and buyers are more likely… [Read More...]

Presidential Reprieves and Pardons

The events of the last week relating to the guilty pleas of Michael Cohen to eight felonies including violations of federal campaign finance law and a guilty verdict on eight felony counts against former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort raise the s… [Read More...]

Thornton signs Amicus Curiae brief to the United States Supreme Court

  It’s not every day that North Dakota lawyers participate in litigation with the United States Supreme Court.  Fremstad Law’s Nick Thornton, however, just joined in amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief filed by almost 30 crimina… [Read More...]

Fremstad Law Obtains Dismissal of Employee Whistleblower Claim

Sometimes it is simply necessary to terminate an employee who is not working out.  When possible, employers should do their best to document the employee’s issues and the employer’s efforts.  Even then, however, an employee may make a c… [Read More...]

Mental Health Defenses in Criminal Cases: How do they work and how often are they employed?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often get asked questions about cases in the news.  Since Making a Murderer was released and exploded into popular culture, I have been asked tons of questions about what I think of the case, especially my opinions on… [Read More...]

Thornton Secures Acquittal

Fremstad Law attorney Nick Thornton recently secured an acquittal after a jury trial. Thornton’s client was accused of disorderly conduct for allegedly pulling a firearm and shaking it at another person in a threatening and menacing way. Thornton a… [Read More...]

Fremstad Law--New Website and Logo.

Fremstad Law is excited to announce it has a new website and logo. We hope that our clients and prospective clients will find it helpful. Please let us know if you have questions or comments. [Read More...]

Nick Thornton Joins Fremstad Law

Fremstad Law is pleased to announce that Nick Thornton has joined the firm. Nick loves practicing law in and out of the courtroom. He has extensive experience in representing people in all stages of criminal proceedings, from the first appearance o… [Read More...]

Tip Pooling and Tip Credit Seminar

On September 18, 2012, Fremstad Law teamed with the North Dakota Hospitality Association and Food Services of America to present a seminar on North Dakota’s tip pooling and tip credit regulations.  Fremstad Law frequently works with businesses a… [Read More...]